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De banenmarkt voor Robotica engineers groeit hard

Robotica voor alle leeftijden

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Anyone who has had the opportunity and the pleasure of learning a musical instrument will tell you how fun it is and how music can transcend.

Pre-Professional Music

If music is your career

Learning a new instrument can be one of the most effective ways to develop new mental pathways and make new connections.

Summer Camps

Advance your musicianship

Summer music programs are indispensable whether you’re thinking about majoring in music or simply wanting more music in your life.

Onze docenten en trainers

We zijn trots op onze trainers
Sandy Gold


Sandy Gold

Highly regarded teacher, chamber music coach whose students have won numerous competitions.

Stanley Broad


Stanley Broad

Winner of numerous awards and the recipient of a Achievement Award from the American Drums Society.

Mary May


Mary May

Mary May, violinist, enjoys a versatile career as a performer, recording artist, and educator.

Mike Hammers


Mike Hammers

Guitarist, composer, and educator is the first in a long line of prize-winning students of Jim Smith.

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Masterclass robotica met Dr. Olivier van Beekum

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